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Singing Along

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Singin' Along

This community is simple in concept, which is handy, 'cos it's moderated by someone who is simple in intellect. Post a line from a song. Any line, any song. Post as many as you want. The idea is for the other members to guess, in the form of a comment, what that song is. Easy, non?

So go ahead, join, post, guess, dance, do whatever.

Trolls and flaming, however, will not be tolerated. Actually, to be honest, I don't know what a troll is, and I just find flamers to be amusing more than anything else, but I understand that these things upset other people, so as moderator in this democratic singalong land, I'm willing to crush anybody who upsets the majority.

Oh, and please, this is about guesswork. If you don't know a song, then leave it, let someone else get it. Don't just go running to Google to find the answers. Any moron can use the internet (case in point: me), but there's no fun in that.

Once again, enjoy.

Moderated by burgotastic (the title of Overlord is optional)